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Perhaps the quickest way to see how this works is with a few examples.

🏈 To see the list of games that Vince Lombardi coached on a Thursday and won:

  1. Select "Vince Lombardi" from the Coach drop-down.
  2. Select "Thu" from the Date drop-down.
  3. Select "W" from the Result drop-down.

🏈 To see the list of games that the Packers won against any team from Los Angeles:

  1. Type "Los Angeles" in the Opponent heading.
  2. Select "W" from the Result drop-down.

🏈 To see the Packers/Bears rivalry:

  1. Type "Bears" in the Opponent heading.

Note that some teams, while they've changed their name, are still considered the same team. For example:

  • Bears and Staleys
  • Redskins and Football Team and Commanders

As you type the letters of any team name (i.e. "red" then "redsk", etc), you'll see the list start filtering automatically. But once you type the complete team name (i.e. "redskins"), then the combination of same team names will kick in.

Note how the Stats table automatically updates along with the list of games as you enter any criteria. Press the 'Reset' button to reset all criteria back to the list of every game since 1919.

Note also that it's difficult to present this much data on a small screen. While I will continue to look for ways to optimize it, this site may work better on a larger screen.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know. Seriously, I appreciate your feedback.

🏈 Packers/Raiders Rivalry 🏈
Stats for 14 Games since 1919
Days Record Location Type Attendance
Sun: 13
Mon: 1
Wins: 9
Losses: 5
Ties: 0
Pctg: 64%
GB: 8
Home: 8
Away: 5
Neutral: 1
Reg: 13
Champ: 1

  Change these column headings to filter the data.
Attend. Coach
2019 Sun, Oct 20, 2019 42−24 W H R 78,160 Matt LaFleur Oakland Raiders 2019-10-20-Sun-
2015 Sun, Dec 20, 2015 30−20 W A R 55,087 Mike McCarthy Oakland Raiders 2015-12-20-Sun-
2011 Sun, Dec 11, 2011 46−16 W H R 70,524 Mike McCarthy Oakland Raiders 2011-12-11-Sun-
2007 Sun, Dec 9, 2007 38−7 W H R 70,828 Mike McCarthy Oakland Raiders 2007-12-09-Sun-
2003 Mon, Dec 22, 2003 41−7 W A R 62,298 Mike Sherman Oakland Raiders 2003-12-22-Mon-
1999 Sun, Sep 12, 1999 28−24 W H R 59,872 Ray Rhodes Oakland Raiders 1999-09-12-Sun-
1993 Sun, Dec 26, 1993 28−0 W H R 54,482 Mike Holmgren Los Angeles Raiders 1993-12-26-Sun-
1990 Sun, Nov 11, 1990 29−16 W A R 50,855 Lindy Infante Los Angeles Raiders 1990-11-11-Sun-
1987 Sun, Sep 13, 1987 0−20 L H R 54,983 Forrest Gregg Los Angeles Raiders 1987-09-13-Sun-
1984 Sun, Sep 9, 1984 7−28 L A R 46,269 Forrest Gregg Los Angeles Raiders 1984-09-09-Sun-
1978 Sun, Sep 17, 1978 3−28 L H R 56,212 Bart Starr Oakland Raiders 1978-09-17-Sun-
1976 Sun, Oct 24, 1976 14−18 L A R 53,751 Bart Starr Oakland Raiders 1976-10-24-Sun-
1972 Sun, Sep 24, 1972 14−20 L H R 56,263 Dan Devine Oakland Raiders 1972-09-24-Sun-
1967 Sun, Jan 14, 1968 33−14 W N C 75,546 Vince Lombardi Oakland Raiders 1968-01-14-Sun-